City says parapet clearing campaign to begin May 31

The City Council will this month embark on a campaign to rid the city of derelict objects which occupy the parapets and reserves.

Scheduled to commence on May 31, the campaign will especially target derelict vehicles abandoned around communities, which the city noted are often used by criminals to pounce on unsuspecting citizens. The Mayor and City Council also pointed out that the practice of keeping these vehicles on public spaces not only damages the shoulders of the road, but provides ideal breeding grounds for rodents and other vectors.

“The Georgetown Mayor and City Council is concerned with the manner in which derelict vehicles are placed on parapets, reserves and other thoroughfares.  The Council will commence an aggressive campaign to rid the City of these objectionable structures. Derelict vehicles placed on parapets and reserves pose a serious threat to life and limb since they often block the view of pedestrian and vehicular traffic which can result in accidents,” the Council stated…..

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