Flooding averted at Zeelugt after koker door breached

The breach of the koker door at Zeelugt (DPI photo)

A quick response from the Regional Administration of Essequibo Islands-West Demerara averted what could have been a major flood in Zeelugt on the East Bank of Essequibo yesterday after a koker door was damaged, according to the Department of Public Information (DPI).

The high tides in the afternoon hours yesterday, damaged the koker door resulting in water from the Atlantic Ocean gushing in, DPI said.

According to Senior Superintendent of Works Shanganan Singh the situation is currently under control and is being monitored closely.

“As soon as it was reported that there was a breach to the koker door, I visited the site and realised that the powerful force of the water partially broke the koker thus causing the water to gush inwards. Immediately the disaster risk management response team became operational and materials were mobilised to temporarily stop the leakage. The Stop logs have been put in place and the koker door as we speak will be taken off and repaired. I assure you that the situation is under control and is being monitored closely,” Singh noted.

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