Harmon appointment due to need for help in managing Ministry of the Presidency – Granger

Joseph Harmon

President David Granger yesterday explained that he appointed former Minister of State Joseph Harmon as Director-General of the Ministry of the Presidency as he needed help to manage the ministry, given its “huge” responsibilities.

While Granger stopped short of saying how exactly this will be done, Harmon subsequently told reporters that for the time being he will continue hosting post-Cabinet press briefings and assured that when his other duties are made clear, this information will be publicised.

Days after Harmon’s resignation as Minister of State and as a parliamentarian took effect, the Department of Public Information (DPI) announced the new appointment in a press release. Harmon was one of four government ministers who were forced to resign due to their having dual citizenship, which makes them ineligible to serve as parliamentarians under the constitution…..

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