No equating Kadir with Gajraj

- Jagdeo

While saying the controversial sympathy motion for deceased convicted terrorist plotter and former PNC/R Member of Parliament (MP) Abdul Kadir should have never been brought to the National Assembly, Opposition Leader Bharrat Jagdeo yesterday rejected comparisons with the moment of silence observed for former PPP/C Minister of Home Affairs Ronald Gajraj.

“There has been no sympathy motion passed for Ronald Gajraj. She [General Secretary of the PNCR Amna Ally] has even in his death tried to disparage a patriot. She spoke about Gajraj being fingered in many things…,” Jagdeo said at a press conference yesterday.

“So trying to equate Gajraj with someone who has been charged and convicted with international terrorism and someone who by his own admission said he was presenting reports to a foreign power on our security forces…you are equating that with Ronald Gajraj?” he questioned…..

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