Private sector condemns National Assembly statement on Kadir

The Private Sector Commission today condemned the expression of sympathy by the National Assembly on the late, convicted terrorist plotter, Abdul Kadir.

A statement by the Private Sector Commission follows:

The Private Sector Commission is appalled and deeply disappointed that our National Assembly should issue a statement to honour a former member convicted of terrorism in a national court of international repute.

The Commission considers this statement to be highly damaging to the good name and reputation of our country and wholly offensive.

The Commission holds the view that the statement is completely unrepresentative of the well established and declared position of our Government and of our Parliamentary Opposition in condemning any and all forms of national and international terrorism.

The Commission finds the statement abhorrent to the entire business community of Guyana and indeed to all of the people of Guyana.

The Commission calls upon our Government to immediately revisit the position it has taken in the National Assembly and take the necessary steps to correct the terrible and unfortunate message the statement has sent to the international community.

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