AFC to pick prime ministerial candidate at June conference

-Ramjattan still interested in running

Khemraj Ramjattan

Reiterating his interest in vying to become the APNU+AFC coalition’s prime ministerial candidate for the upcoming general elections, Alliance for Change (AFC) Chairman Khemraj Ramjattan yesterday disclosed that the party will make a selection at its next National Conference, which is slated for mid-June.

“Yes, I have already indicated my interest and there are others, I am certain, who will indicate their interest and so it is going to be interesting, I rather suspect, and it is good to have inside of political parties the regular rivalries between leaders,” Ramjattan said in response to a question from Stabroek News during a press conference held at the AFC’s Kitty headquarters.

He said the general practice is that recommendations are made at the National Conference and a candidate is then selected. The Public Security Minister insists that if selected he will be up to the task. “Of course, I think I will be,” he said…..

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