Suspected burglar found dead on roof of Industrial Site bond

A 47-year-old man was on Friday found dead on the roof of an Industrial Site, Ruimveldt storage bond in what appeared to be an apparent burglary gone awry.

According to the police, the deceased, who has been identified as Terry Ramcharran, of Fourth Street Alexander Village, was seen on the roof of the storage bond on Friday about 8 am by persons in the area.

The bond, which stores household items, clothing and electrical appliances, is owned by Ravindranauth Rampersaud, who secured it on Thursday afternoon.

Police said when investigators arrived at the scene yesterday, Ramcharran’s body was found face down next to live electrical wires, with two black bags containing a quantity of curtains and clothing in the vicinity. The items, which were found close to the body, were identified by Rampersaud as his property.

The body was subsequently pronounced dead by an Emergency Medical Team and burn marks were later discovered on the deceased’s right shoulder and neck. It was then transferred to the Lyken Funeral Home to be identified and for further examinations to be conducted.

Police say that investigations revealed that there were no CCTV cameras around and no useful information was uncovered.

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