EPA aiming for countrywide expansion of services

Dr Vincent Adams (Department of Public Information photo)

Persons across the country seeking access to Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) services will soon be able to do so since the agency is collaborating with Regional Democratic Councils (RDCs) and ministries for “desk space.”

Head of the EPA, Dr Vincent Adams, told Sunday Stabroek in an interview last week that EPA offices will also not close for lunch breaks to maximise on serving the public. “We opened an office in New Amsterdam and we expect to soon open one in Linden. The agency has also sent out requests to RDCs to ask if they can provide a space for us to work, maybe once a month. I am working with sister agencies in the same regard, for their assistance. We believe that rather than have persons travel to Georgetown, and I think in some cases, it costs them more in travel than fees, that it is better for us to go to them. We are increasing the fees also so it might not be too permissible on them if they have to pay new fees and come so far,” Adams said.

 “The most important thing is serving the community; serving the people. This is where we have made significant progress over the past few months and are working to optimise on that, as we reorganise the agency.  There is, I believe, a significant change in the morale of the work employees, they understand that they are [there] to serve the people and that is the culture we are inculcating. As part of this, not only in Georgetown but the entire country, we will be opened all day. There is no lunch break closure.  I came here and I saw people arrive at lunch and we are shut and they have to wait an entire hour. That had to stop,” Adams added…..

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