Ramjattan supports Mathoo’s appointment as MP

-says was cleared by investigations

Donna Mathoo taking the oath as a new Member of Parliament

Alliance for Change (AFC) Chairman Khemraj Ramjattan on Friday fully endorsed the recent appointment of party member Donna Mathoo as an APNU+AFC government Member of Parliament (MP), while noting that she was cleared of allegations that were previously levelled against her.

“There was a police investigation and she was cleared. She was not charged and we have had people charged and they are in parliament… Donna has not been charged,” Ramjattan told reporters, while noting that he doesn’t understand people’s sudden rush to judgement.

Mathoo, who was reinstated as the state-owned National Communications Network’s Berbice Branch Manager last year following an investigation, was one of three new parliamentarians who were sworn on April 26th to replace those who had resigned due to their dual citizenship…..

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