Petroleum expert warns of overreliance on foreign expertise

-says Guyana’s interests could be secondary

Dr Jan Mangal

Guyana needs to develop its own strategic plan for the oil and gas sector as having it done by other countries risks those countries’ interests being put above Guyana’s, former Petroleum Advisor to the government, Dr Jan Mangal says.

“Guyana should not pay too much attention to these studies by others. Countries need to do their own studies and not rely on whomever comes calling. A study by the Brazilians will be for Brazil’s interest. Just like the gas study by the Japanese was for Japan’s interests, and not for Guyana’s,” Mangal told Stabroek News.

The petroleum expert’s views come in the wake of a five-year strategic plan done by Brazil’s state-run oil firm, Petrobras, being presented to the Government of Guyana recently…..

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