Police burn eight acres ganja at Wisroc, Upper Demerara

A quantity of the cultivated cannabis plants that were destroyed.

The police yesterday reported that ranks of E Division over the weekend conducted two drug eradication exercises which netted more than eight acres of cultivated cannabis.

The exercises, Stabroek News learnt were conducted at Wisroc, Wismar, Linden and eleven miles off the Ituni Main Road, Upper Demerara River.

The number of cultivated plants amounted to 10,000. Their heights ranged from one foot to six feet.

Saturday’s exercise which was carried out between 11.30 am and 12.40 pm at Linden unearthed around 250 kilograms of cannabis plants.

Meanwhile, the plants that were netted during Sunday’s exercise weighed 485 kilograms.

Makeshift tents along with foodstuff, cooking utensils and a quantity of dried cannabis were also found on the respective farms.

Samples of the drugs were obtained before being destroyed by fire.

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