Banks Beer shortage persists throughout city

—some bars out of stock since last week

A shortage of Banks Beer and other Banks DIH alcoholic beverages continues to sweep the country, and retailers are unsure of when they will be able to restock.

The shortage began last week, after the Banks DIH brewery experienced a mechanical problem. It has since ceased production.

A source close to the company’s operations had confirmed the incident but was unable to provide details as to what had happened. However, the source had related that the spare part was being sourced from Germany and the brewery was expected to be up and running by the middle of this week.

When Stabroek News checked local retailers and bars around the city yesterday afternoon, nearly all of them reported that they have been out of stock of Banks’ Premier Lager, Banks Beer and their lighter and economical version – GT Beer. The retailers also related that Guinness was also out of stock.

The Red Shop on Dennis Street, which mainly sold Banks products, related that they have been without both Banks Beer and Guinness since Friday and their stock of GT Beer is currently very low. The proprietor, who did not want to be named, also related that his suppliers have been unable to say when he would be able to restock.

The Caribbean Beat bar in Campbellville also related that Banks Beer has been out of stock, and that the bar currently has a low stock of the other two products.

OMG, which is located on Sheriff Street and is a Banks DIH outlet, seems to be the only outlet that still has a supply of the three products. The only other business found to still have the products in stock was Ram’s Bar in Kitty, however, they have jacked up their prices to $400 per bottle of Banks Beer.

Citizens have also reported that places that have some stocks left have increased their prices in order to capitalize on the shortage.

Stabroek News also checked Seepaul’s, and Son’s Bar in Kitty, and both proprietors related that they have also been out of stock since last week but were told that they should expect to be restocked by this weekend. 

Stabroek News tried to contact Banks DIH’s Communications Manager, Troy Peters, for an update on the situation. However, he related that he was not working and would not be able to comment.

Stabroek News also tried to contact their Marketing Manager, Carlton Jung, but was told that he would be in a meeting for the remainder of the day and would not be able to give an update.

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