A ‘good life’ attained?

-APNU+AFC says much achieved after four years in power

President David Granger (second from right) after he was sworn in. from right are First Lady Sandra Granger, Prime Minister Moses Nagamootoo and the PM’s wife Sita Nagamootoo.

-key promises remain unfulfilled

With today marking four years since the 2015 General Elections, the APNU+AFC government has boasted of its achievements since winning power, saying that within a short space of time, it has achieved more than any previous administration but key elements of its 2015 manifesto including constitutional reform, remain unfulfilled.

“Avoiding public fanfare and triumphalism, the Coalition Government steered the country forward as a stable and growing economy; promoted and defended its sovereignty and territorial integrity; restored respect for Guyana as a democracy in which all human rights and press freedom are protected; and supported and encouraged social cohesion among our multi-ethnic, multi-cultural, plural population,” the government said in a statement yesterday.

“Over these past four years, the policies and programmes of the Coalition Government have favourably impacted every aspect of life in Guyana, from the coastland to the hinterland, and in our riverain and indigenous communities. No government before has done more within such a short span of time,” it said…..

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