Proposed Linden ‘green’ project being stymied by NICIL’s sloth

-investors complain

Sharon Benjamin-Fauconier

Investors in a proposed mega ‘green’ project at Linden are bemoaning what they believe is the deliberate delay by the National Industrial and Commercial Investments Limited (NICIL) in notarising and filing their lease agreement although they have been paying rent for over a year.

“I signed a lease with NICIL on August 4th, 2017, and their money comes out of my bank account every month and they provide me an invoice. We began running a number of intensive tests and measurements on the land, water and so on and when that was done, I wanted to begin my development late last year but it is the royal runaround to get the notarised lease,” US-based Guyanese, Sharon Benjamin-Fauconier told Sunday Stabroek, via phone from the United States on Tuesday.

“We are told that there are other lands and all kinds of foolishness. We did not secure funding and ran tests for other lands. We did not go through a process of applying to NICIL and having to wait on approval from the Board, then okaying by Cabinet, for other lands. The area has the water and hills that are necessary and we want to start our project. This delay has held us up for too long,” she declared…..

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