Tempers flare at GECOM after legal officer says expired voters list can be updated

Desmond Trotman

Yesterday’s meeting of the Guyana Elections Com-mission saw “tempers flare” as the commission’s Legal Officer, Excellence Dazzell tabled a personal opinion that disagrees that a new voter’s list is required.

This advice could be significant as if the Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) rules for early elections the state of the list will be a critical element in the timetable. Dazzell’s advice would also be seen to run counter to the controversial move by the government-appointed commissioners to have house-to-house registration before general elections are held. The PPP-appointed commissioners are opposed to house-to-house registration.

“Based on (elections laws), the list must be updated bi-annually by adding persons who are now qualified to be registered, to that list, and those who are no longer qualified to be registered, to be taken off that list…,” Dazzell’s legal opinion, seen by Stabroek News states…..

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