Bent Street church leader celebrates 100 years

Centenarian Desiree Pancarte

Leader of the True Worshippers Faith, Desiree Pancarte, was all smiles yesterday, as members of her church planned a celebration service in honour of her 100th birthday.

The centenarian, who was born in French Guiana, moved to then British Guiana when she was just six-years-old.

Pancarte, also known as Mari or Neni, stated that her early days growing up in British Guiana with her grandmother were fun, even though her grandmother was a very strict woman. She recalled her school days being the best times. “We had a lot of games that we play that children now don’t have time to play games because they have they phone. We come to school a little early to play the games and when the bell rings, we stop play and we line up,” Pancarte recalled…..

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