Mahdia man remanded over murder of miner

Phillip Bacchus

A man was yesterday remanded to prison, after he was charged with the murder of Leavern Daniels, a miner of Princeville Village, Mahdia.

Phillip Bacchus was read a charge which stated that between May 9 and May 10, at Princeville Village, Mahdia, he murdered Leavern Daniels.

Bacchus, 55, was not required to enter a plea to the indictable charge, read to him by the Magistrate, Leron Daly.

Police prosecutor Sanj Singh, told the court that the post-mortem report in relation to the matter is outstanding.

Bacchus, a miner and security guard, was later remanded to prison and the matter adjourned to today when it is to be heard by the Chief Magistrate.

It was previously reported that the victim and some friends were imbibing at a shop when the suspect approached their table and requested to partake of their alcohol but was denied. The police said that the suspect became annoyed and threatened to do the victim harm, after which he left.

Shortly after, the victim departed and was on his way to a camp, when he was attacked and stabbed in the region of his abdomen by the suspect, the court was told.

The victim was pronounced dead on arrival at the Mahdia Hospital.

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