Stomach contents of prisoner who died after taking `alcohol’ to be examined

Samples were collected from the stomach of Gary Stuart, the prisoner who died on Saturday shortly after he consumed a substance believed to be alcohol, to determine how he met his demise, Commander of ‘F’ Division, Kevin Adonis said.

Stuart, an inmate of the Mazaruni prison, died on Saturday morning shortly after he consumed the substance, which he found in a bottle while performing duties at a quarry.

Stabroek News was previously informed that the incident occurred around 5.45 am, while Stuart and a group of other inmates were washing and painting the prison.

During the process, they reportedly found a bottle believed to have contained alcohol and consumed it.

Stuart subsequently complained of experiencing stomach pains.

He was rushed to the Bartica Hospital, where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

The police had immediately launched an investigation into the incident, which had raised concerns about the lack of proper supervision at the facility.

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