Armed men attempt to rob Black Bush family

-shoot at farmer, teenage daughters

Herman Roopnarine

Armed bandits during the wee hours of yesterday attempted to rob a Johanna North, Black Bush Polder farmer and his family.

After the farmer refused to drop his cutlass, the bandits began to shoot at him and his teenage daughters.

Herman Roopnarine, 40, of Lot 35 Johanna North, Black Bush Polder, explained that around 1.20 am, he and his wife were asleep in their room, while his daughters, ages 16 and 17 years, were asleep in the room next door when they heard a sudden noise coming from their stairs. “I stand up and peep and I see how them man [bandits] take a wood and knock out a window and push down we set chair wah went in front the window. So when one a them been deh for come in, all abie start holla and me pick up me cutlass in me hand.”

He said the bandits while standing on their stairs and peeping through the window ordered him to drop the cutlass and lie down…..

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