Fly Jamaica automatically decertified in Guyana after suspended in Kingston – Field

Egbert Field

Fly Jamaica Airways was automatically decertified in Guyana after their operating certificate was suspended recently in Jamaica, Director General of the Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (GCAA) Egbert Field says.

RJR News in Kingston had reported recently that the Jamaica Civil Aviation Authority (JCAA) had suspended Fly Jamaica Airways’ operating certificate.

The report noted that Director General of the JCAA, Nari Williams Singh, said that the action was taken as Fly Jamaica had not been operating for some time and that the airline closed operations in March.

Singh had explained that regulations stipulate that if an airline does not operate for a certain period of time then its air operating certificate can be suspended and that in the event the airline wants to restart its operations, they would have to go through a process to be issued a new certificate.

Field explained to Stabroek News that given that the Jamaican-based airline was decertified in its home country, they do not have documents to submit to the GCAA and as a result, there is nothing for them to be approved from. As a result, the airline has been automatically decertified from carrying out operations in the country.

Field also noted that the investigation into the airline’s crash landing here is still in process. However, he was unable to give an update on the investigation and noted that the Chief Investigator is yet to forward any report to the authority.  Fly Jamaica’s crash landing here on November 9, 2018 triggered its current woes.

As it relates to refunding monies to passengers, Field  related that the company has met with the Consumer Affairs Division and has set up an agreement.

“They informed us… We don’t deal with refunds but they have come to an agreement that they will honour their obligations and that was reported to us when we met with them two weeks ago,” Field added.

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