CCJ dismisses bid by James Ramsahoye for special leave in relation to judgment against Linmine, BIDCO

-expects expedited hearing at Court of Appeal

The Caribbean Court of Justice (CCJ) yesterday dismissed an application by James Ramsahoye, who was hoping to be granted special leave to appeal a decision of the Guyana Court of Appeal, which dismissed enforcement orders from a previous judgment, that he be paid damages and a monthly pension, against his former employers.

Those entities are the Linden Mining Enterprises (LME) and Bauxite Industry Development Company Limited (BIDCO) with which Ramsahoye said he worked for 26 years, before his service was terminated in 1998.

Unsuccessful at the High Court, he appealed the judgment and on 3rd March 2004, was awarded damages totaling US$174, 032.49 and a monthly pension to the tune of US$2,000.72…..

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