First Lady on a mission to help children and youth become positive adults

First Lady Sandra Granger addresses a group of teenage mothers at the Women Across Differences Queenstown office (Women Across Differences photo)

For four years, First Lady Sandra Granger has been quietly working with Guyana’s youth, especially those who are vulnerable. While there have been a few challenges, the positives far outweigh the negatives and for her the key is not to be entangled in politics.

Some might argue that this is impossible since her husband is the president of the country, but in a sit down with the Sunday Stabroek she revealed that she tries to be very careful that “I don’t get into any kind of political imbroglio.”

Importantly, she makes sure that the work she does is not only beneficial, but what people want as she does not force anything on anyone and there have been instances where persons were told not to participate because it is a “government thing.” But that aside there has been tremendous support for the various programmes…..

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