Livestock authority warns egg importers of need for permit before importation

The Guyana Livestock Development Authority (GLDA) yesterday emphasised that all importers of eggs are required to obtain approval and an import permit from it prior to importation.

“Importation of eggs without the requisite documentation is a criminal offence and will result in the seizure and destruction of the eggs and the consignee (importer) will be charged and placed before the court,” the GLDA said in an ad in yesterday’s Guyana Chronicle.

“Unauthorised importation poses a disease/health threat to our poultry industry and human population,” it added.

The GLDA warning comes in light of a mysterious illness that has ravaged flocks of Muscovy ducks along the coast. The increased mortality rate observed, particularly among the ducklings, resulted in the GLDA closing its hatchery over a week ago. Up to last week, the GLDA was awaiting permission from the US authorities to ship samples taken from stricken Muscovy ducklings for testing,….

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