Guyanese man with revoked licence ran off from Florida car wreck leaving dying wife -report

Kabir Richard Ramnarine – Guyanese man with revoked licence ran off from Florida car wreck leaving dying wife

A Guyanese man has been arrested in Florida after he crashed a car into a tree, resulting in the death of his wife, and he fled the scene. 

According to a report, Kabir Richard Ramnarine, 26, of the central Florida city of Kissimmee, was driving north on San Lorenzo Road in the early hours of May 19 with his wife, Ashley Ramnarine, in the passenger seat. The report said that according to the Florida Highway Patrol, the couple had left a family party.

The man lost control of the vehicle at around 3:23 a.m., causing it to run off the road and collide first with a sign and then the tree, police documents show. He then left the scene on foot.

According to the report, Ashley, 26, was not wearing a seat belt during the crash, and was confirmed dead at the scene. 

Troopers arrested Ramnarine at the Apollo Inn hotel on 670 East Vine Street at around 10:51pm on May 19.

Florida Highway Patrol Public Affairs Officer Kim Montes told WFTV 9: “As we entered the hotel room after we got a warrant, the suspect had no weapons but picked up a remote control to simulate that he may have [one].

“Troopers were forced to Tase him to get him under control and arrest him.”

Ramnarine faces several charges, including failing to stop or remain at the scene of a crash involving a death, causing death or serious injury, and vehicular manslaughter, according to Osceola County Corrections, where he is being held. His bond was set at $12,000, the report said. 

Montes told Click Orlando that Ramnarine likely ran away after the crash because he was driving without a licence. She said his wife may have survived if she was helped right away.

She said, “In all of the hit and run crashes we’ve ever seen, I’ve never seen someone leave a family member dead on the scene.”

The suspect’s cousin, Ariel Sookhoo, told Fox 35 that the couple had been married for four years and had “instantly” fallen for each other. Their marriage seemed happy, she said.

“No one deserves to be left like that, like she was nothing, like a dog on the side of the road, she’s a human being,” said Sookhoo, who described the victim as her “best friend.” 

“She took me in when I had no one, like nowhere to go.  She would always make sure I was okay,” she was reported as saying.

The pair would eat breakfast together every day, and Ashley would prepare her food.

“I just can’t see myself without that not happening anymore,” said Sookhoo.


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