Corentyne pensioner killed in front of home

-after lorry collides with vehicle

Narinedatt Lohar

An Upper Corentyne pensioner lost his life on Tuesday evening, after a lorry collided with his jeep as he attempted to turn onto his bridge at Number 47 Village, Corentyne.

Dead is Narinedatt Lohar, 71, of Lot 23, Number 47 Village, Corentyne.

The man’s wife narrowly escaped the accident, as she had just gotten out of the vehicle to open their gate.  The driver of the lorry has since pleaded guilty to driving under the influence and has been remanded to prison until sentencing.

According to information gathered, Lohar was proceeding south along the Number 47 Village Public Road in his jeep, PJJ 25, around 6:20 pm, when it is alleged that lorry, GPP 2369, which was being driven by Rayward Singh, 49, of Lot 70, Number 52 Village, Corentyne, collided with the front of Lohar’s vehicle…..

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