Supenaam-Charity highway expansion project set for next year

The upgrade of the Supenaam to Charity highway, and a Charity waterfront enhancement project, are among initiatives slated for Region Two, which are expected to be realised by next year.

This was revealed by Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson, who related such to residents on the Essequibo Coast, while attending a community engagement at the Queenstown Primary School on Wednesday.

A release from the Department of Public Information (DPI) stated that the highway road works will see the single-lane carriageway being upgraded to a double-lane network to enable a smoother flow of traffic throughout the region.

Patterson noted that the waterfront project, which is being partly funded by the Caribbean Development Bank, and which is currently in its design phase, will be similar to the one planned for Supenaam.

The project is expected to significantly boost the community, as it should benefit boat operators, vendors, restaurant owners and other entrepreneurs, DPI said.


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