Gov’t considering replacing Canawaima Ferry with local vessel

-in talks with Suriname on way forward

Even as Guyana mulls putting one of its own vessels to ply the Guyana to Suriname route following the docking of the Canawaima Ferry due to mechanical problems, government is currently engaging its Surinamese counterparts on the way forward.

“We have completed what we need to do insofar as our obligations and so it is now really a matter of getting the two sides together to recognise that this is a service that the people are depending on and if it becomes necessary, I believe our Minister of Public Infrastructure has already started to contemplate whether we will have to put a vessel there ourselves,” Director General of the Ministry of the Presidency Joseph Harmon told a press conference on Friday.

“They are engaged—that is the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Public Infrastructure—are in negotiations with their counterparts in Suriname with respect to the way forward. The question with whether a new vessel will go there, who is going to be responsible? …all of these are questions that will have to be sorted out,” he further explained. ….

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