Complainant in Palm Court attempted murder concludes testimony at preliminary trial

Abdul Imran Khan

Romario Baljeet yesterday completed his testimony in the Preliminary Inquiry (PI) into the charge against Abdul Imran Khan, who is accused of attempting to murder him in an attack at the Palm Court nightclub.

The charge against Khan alleges that on October 28th, 2018, at Main Street, Georgetown, with intent to commit murder, he unlawfully and maliciously wounded Baljeet.

The PI is being conducted by Senior Magistrate Leron Daly in Georgetown.

While Baljeet resumed his testimony, Special Prosecutor Latchmie Rahamat noted that he suffered from a seizure three days ago and was unable to speak well. Baljeet continued his testimony from the previous hearing and upon completion Magistrate Daly adjourned the matter until June 27th, 2019.

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