More reliable power by the end of 2020 – GPL CEO

Ryon Ross

By the end of 2020, the Guyana Power and Light Inc. (GPL) should have a more reliable and optimised generation system that would be able to grow and evolve in a sustainable manner, Chief Executive Officer of the power company, Albert Gordon declared yesterday.

Gordon was at the time addressing a press conference at the company’s Duke Street head office.

“So as you’ve heard there are some deficiencies in the system but as we’ve been saying, there are widespread issues with the overall system. So the system generation level, transmission and distribution… we don’t have adequate backup… If something fails there’s no backup for it but it doesn’t just go down, it takes down other pieces of equipment with it and that is partially because of the protection scheme that normally manages how failures in a power system operate,” Gordon explained, while pointing out that it is now as it should be and that they will put putting backup systems in place that will provide alternate routes instead of their current outdated radial system…..

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