Transparency and accountability key for energy sector

- Mexican professor

José Rinkenbach (AINDA Energía & Infraestructura photo)

Transparency and accountability are paramount for a robust energy sector, Professor José Rinkenbach told a gathering last week Thursday when the University of Guyana (UG) hosted its latest Turkeyen and Tain Talks.

The topic was “Energy for Guyana: Renewable Energy, Oil, Gas and Guyana’s Green Future” and the event featured a panel of eight speakers.

In addition to Rinkenbach, who is Professor of Corporate Finance and Energy Investment at ITAM and CBMEX in Mexico, the panel comprised Mahender Sharma, head of the Guyana Energy Agency (GEA); Devon Gardner, CARICOM Energy Programme Manager; Verlyn Klass, of the Department of Electrical Engineering of UG; Mark Bynoe, Head of the Department of Energy; Vishal Persaud, Head of the Mechanical Engineering Department of UG; Arizona State University (ASU) Professor Sayfe Kiaeip, Professor in the School of Electrical, Energy and Computer Engineering, the Director of the Connection One Center (NSF I/UCRC Center), and Motorola Chair in Analog and RF Integrated Circuits; and Professor Gary Dirks, Director of the Ann Wrigley Global Institute of Sustainability and Professor at the Arizona State University…..

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