More sensitisation needed to curb Barticans’ reckless dumping habits

-mayor says

Gifford Marshall

More sensitisation is needed to curb the issue of reckless disposal of garbage in Bartica, Mayor Gifford Marshall said yesterday.

Marshall was responding to a letter penned by communications specialist Kit Nascimento, who said that there has been an increasing amount of garbage being dumped into the Essequibo River by Barticans.

“I cannot validate, he is saying yes, there is an increase but I am not sure of the facts in that. I cannot comment on that… We are aware that despite our effort, persons continue to dispose their garbage in a reckless manner. We have continued to sensitise and capacity building…we have been trying our best where solid waste management is concerned, we have had some successes,” Marshall said in response to the concern highlighted in the letter, which was published in the June 6th edition of Stabroek News…..

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