Felix urges Corentyne River travellers to adhere to immigration laws

Winston Felix

The Minister of Citizenship is urging persons travelling to and from Suriname over the Corentyne River to present themselves to immigration offices for processing, in accordance with the Immigration Act.

Immigration processing in Region Six (East Berbice-Corentyne) is currently being done at immigration offices located at Republic Square, Springlands or Port Moleson Creek, a statement yesterday from the ministry pointed out.

The statement said that Minister Winston Felix advised travelers that the absence of the M.V. Canawaima, the vessel that usually traverses the route, does not preclude them from observing the law. “Persons arriving must first ensure that they check with the Immigration [office] on departing Suriname and report to the Immigration on arrival in Guyana. Failure to do so if caught, will expose you to prosecution,” Felix stated…..

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