Miner charged with stabbing woman who told wife he was ‘hustling’ her

Hilary George

A miner was yesterday remanded to prison after he was accused of stabbing a woman after she reportedly told his wife that he was trying to woo her.

It is alleged that Hilary George, on June 8th, at Port Kaituma, unlawfully and maliciously wounded Gillian James so as to cause her grievous bodily harm.

George, 48, a father of eight, originally pleaded “guilty with explanation” to the charge, which was read to him by acting Chief Magistrate Sherdel Isaacs-Marcus in Georgetown.

The court later heard from Police Prosecutor Shellon Daniels that George and James are known to each other and on the day of the attack she was invited to his home to drink. While drinking, James began to tell Georges’ common-law wife that he had been “hustling” her. This then resulted in an argument between the wife and James.

Daniels added that George became annoyed, broke a bottle and dealt James several stabs about the body. She was then taken to the Port Kaituma Hospital for treatment before being transferred to the Georgetown Public Hospital for further treatment. She remains a patient at the city hospital.

Asked by the Magistrate if what the prosecutor stated was accurate, George said it was not.

According to him, James had been telling his wife lies about him and on the day in question she was the one who hit him first, with a bottle, to his head.

A not guilty plea was then entered on his behalf by the court based on the explanation given. He was then granted his release on $150,000 bail and is to make his next court appearance on August 16th at the Matthew Ridge Magistrate’s Court.

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