Works to damaged Lethem to Aishalton road expected to begin today

A culvert along the Lethem to Aishalton road that was eroded by flash flooding. (Photo from Toshao Michael Thomas’ Facebook page)

Work to repair sections of the Lethem to Aishalton road, which were recently damaged by flash flooding, is expected to start today, Region Nine Chairman Brian Allicock says.

Just over a week ago, heavy rains that caused flash flooding just outside of Lethem destroyed a culvert and washed away a bridge leading to Aishalton, making the road temporarily impassable. However, with the floodwater having receded, Allicock yesterday said the Aishalton Village Council started “fetching boulders” to the section where the bridge once stood to allow vehicles to safely pass.

“So by tomorrow evening, it should be passable completely again. What they [Aishalton residents] did before was to take down some stuff from the higher part of the road and now they are setting boulders to put in the deep spots and using some anchoring for the culverts with the same boulders to keep a passage for small vehicles,” Allicock explained, while noting that there continues to be intense rainfall, which threatens the road…..

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