Youth gets 25 years for cricket bat killing

Johnathan Budhan, following his conviction last month

Johnathan Budhan, 21, was yesterday morning sentenced to 25 years behind bars for killing a man with a cricket bat back in 2016.

Though convicted by a jury last month, Budhan’s sentencing had been deferred to facilitate the preparation of a probation report, which was laid over to the court yesterday but not read.

In imposing the sentence on a sobbing Budhan, Justice Singh said that contrary to the young man’s story of spontaneous retaliation, the evidence clearly demonstrated that it was anything but.

As a matter of fact, the judge said that the evidence substantiates that the convict would have concealed the bat with which he later beat Deonarine Ramesh Manbodh, thereby dispelling any suggestion that it just happened to be where it was…..

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