Accused in Brazilian miner’s murder freed due to insufficient evidence

Roberto Miggins

Two men accused of the 2016 murder of Brazilian miner Mario Pozzer were yesterday discharged of the capital indictment due to the state’s inability to provide sufficient evidence against them.

Justice Navindra Singh upheld no-case submissions made on behalf of the men by their attorneys, and directed the jury to return a formal verdict of not guilty in their favour.  Roberto Miggins, called ‘Hot Skull,’ and Quasi Benjamin, called ‘Rambo,’ were accused of murdering Mario Pozzer during a robbery, sometime between October 12th and October 13th, 2016 at Port Kaituma, Essequibo. At the commencement of their trial on Monday, both men pleaded not guilty to the offence. Following the close of the prosecution’s case yesterday afternoon, however, defence attorneys Nigel Hughes and Adrian Thompson succeeded in their arguments that there was no case for their clients to answer…..

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