City mayor, councillors criticise engineer  over installation of manhole covers


City Councillors and Mayor Ubraj Narine on Monday expressed their frustration with the City Engineer’s Department only being able to install nine manhole covers around the city.

Chief City Engineer Colvern Venture reported to the City Council’s statutory meeting that they would have made 23 manhole covers but would have installed nine, while the remainder have to be properly cured before they are installed. Albouystown and Bel Air Park are among the areas where the manhole covers were installed.

Councillor Heston Bostwick challenged what was stated by the engineer and questioned if it was acceptable that only nine manhole covers could have been provided within a period of one month. Venture, however, noted that for one of the manhole covers, they would have had to go into their own pockets to obtain the materials. He added that when the covers are cast, they require a 21 to 28-day period before they can be put in place. He said that if they are installed before the completion of the curing period they would break…..

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