No ‘solid evidence’ against Charrandass Persaud to warrant extradition proceedings, Ramjattan says

Charrandass Persaud

The investigations into allegations against former government Member of Parliament (MP) Charrandass Persaud, who is accused of accepting a bribe and voting with the PPP/C on the December 18 motion of no confidence, have stalled, and there is no “solid” evidence to have him extradited, Minister of Public Security Khemraj Ramjattan yesterday said.

“…Charrandass has since left and the investigators, I think, were supposed to ask him some questions but they are not getting him…whatever was the status for the past couple of months, it has just stuck there,” Ramjattan said.

He was at the time responding to questions asked by reporters following an event held at his Brickdam office yesterday morning…..

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