State admits police wrongfully killed Shaquille Grant, will pay $ 28m to estate

Shaqauille Grant

Conceding before the conclusion of a trial that 17-year-old Shaquille Grant had been wrongful killed by police back in 2012, the state, through the Attorney General’s Chambers has said that it will pay $28M compensation to the young man’s estate.

The decision to settle the matter was communicated to Justice Gino Persaud by counsel attached to the AG’s Chambers.

The judge had previously set this past Monday for trial into the civil suit filed against the state by Grant’s mother, Shonette Adams, whose contention it had always been that her son was wrongfully gunned down by police. 

Though the state has since indicated its intention not to proceed with a trial, opting instead for the settlement which its pegs at $28M, it is yet to commit to this sum in the form of a written order which it would then have to lay over to the court.

This is expected to be done shortly…..

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