Company managing power generators denies using Chinese-made parts

The local company managing power generators which supply electricity to Guyana Power and Light today denied using Chinese-made spare parts.

Its statement comes amid growing public annoyance over blackouts. Power Producers and Distributors Inc (PPDI) acknowledged that one of its generators is down. PPDI took over operations from Finnish company, Wartsila.

A statement from the company follows:

The voice-note that is currently making the rounds on social media with various claims specific to PPDI has come to our attention. We would like to inform all stakeholders that the claim of Chinese made spare parts being used in the execution of our maintenance activities is completely false. As a matter of fact, our Operations & Maintenance Agreement with our sister state entity, The Guyana Power & Light Inc., specifically states the use of Original Equipment Manufacturer spares and supplies and explicitly prohibits any such attempts. Our governance structure, particularly the Board Tender Committee includes independent personnel and a management representative of The Guyana Power & Light Inc. who must approve all major acquisition of spare parts. Additionally, the two major suppliers of our operations are Wartsila and ABB Turbochargers.

As a new company, we are often required to make advance payments for spare parts and supplies, in some cases 100% and other 50%. Purchases with these commercial terms guarantees us early delivery of spares and supplies. We have succeeded in securing credit facilities from major world class manufacturers including Wartsila, Alfa Laval and ABB Turbochargers.

Currently, we have one engine that is down for a major overhaul at the Kin 2 plant, which has started and is expected to be completed within a month.

PPDI as an ISO-9001 certified company is committed to providing Quality Operations and Maintenance Services and remains dedicated to the supply of stable and reliable electricity to our valued partner Guyana Power and Light who then distribute same to the Guyanese populace.

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