Labour dep’t to probe electrocutions

Krishna Chand

The Department of Labour will be launching an inquiry into the recent deaths of two men while installing security cameras in the compound of the Guyana National Stadium.

Thirty-three-year-old Oliver Anthon and 18-year-old Krishna Chand were electrocuted after a pole they were installing security cameras on came into contact with a live wire connected to a Guyana Power and Light post on Tuesday.

Oliver Anthon.tif

When Stabroek News contacted Chief Labour Officer at the Department of Labour, Charles Ogle, he stated that he would not be able to give a comment on the incident as they have happened quite recently and he does not deal directly with those matters. Ogle also said that the department would most likely be doing preliminary work. “The thing now start so they won’t be anything yet. They gon just be going in now looking into it”, Ogle said.

Ogle told Stabroek News that information will be made available to the public by next week.

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