Jamaica: Reggae singer Mortimer freed of rape charge

Jamaican up-and-coming reggae singer Mortimer

(Jamaica Observer) Up-and-coming reggae singer Mortimer was freed of rape in the Home Circuit Court in downtown Kingston yesterday.

The 25-year-old entertainer was cleared after High Court Judge, Justice Glen Brown upheld a no case submission, made by attorneys Queen Counsel Tom Tavares-Finson and Donahue Martin, who both represented the artiste.

Mortimer (full name Mortimer McPherson) was arrested in April 2013 and charged with rape and grievous sexual assault. However, no evidence was offered on the latter charge during yesterday’s trial.

According to allegations, the complainant was at the artiste’s home on the night of April 2, drinking and smoking marijuana when the alleged incident occurred.

The prosecution contended that the complainant was too intoxicated to consent, but the defence countered by saying that she had given her consent.

However, at the end of the prosecution’s case, the defence made a no case submission in which the attorneys argued that the Crown failed to prove that there was no consent.

The lawyer also pointed out that the complainant was not credible as there were inconsistencies between her testimony and the statement that she had given to the police.

Mortimer is known for songs such as Careful, Warning and Ganja Train.

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