Jamaican businessman ‘Roy Fowl’ shot dead

Owen Clarke aka Father Fowl in the vehicle that he was shot next to, in a pose on his Facebook page.

(Jamaica Observer) A journalist’s plan to interview convicted drug dealer Owen “Father Fowl, or Roy Fowl” Clarke was shattered by a defining bullet from the gun of one of two men who attacked the businessman along Grove Road in St Andrew East Central, minutes after midnight on Saturday.

Clarke, 61, some say 62, agreed to tell his life story to the Jamaica Observer when a request was made last Tuesday during the birthday get-together of a mutual friend in St Andrew. The only blank left to be filled in the verbal sentence of confirmation was the time of the interview.

The interview should have been held at a location in the Constant Spring area of upper St Andrew at Clarke’s suggestion this Tuesday, and its unplanned cancellation has now triggered speculation regarding motive behind his execution.

“Boss, a whole heap a your people dem (media personnel) want me fi talk to dem an me say no, but me wi talk to you man. Me wi tell you the story bout all dem things ina London and down ya. We can do it early next week,” were Clarke’s last words to the journalist that night, in a one-on-one chat away from some of his friends who for hours enjoyed themselves mainly with choice liquor and home cooked Jamaican food.

A music promoter himself, Clarke was convicted in 2004 by a British court of “producing, supplying and possessing crack cocaine” by using women to transport the drug from Jamaica and other Caribbean islands to England, usually by ingesting the pricy item.

Clarke, who police said lived at Sudbury, north-west London in the borough of Brent Harrow, was sentenced to 13 years in prison, which was later reduced to 11 years after his lawyers filed an appeal. He spent around half the time locked up before he was deported.

Police said that Clarke, who was standing at a location enjoying a ‘Fish fry’ with friends, was shot in the back of the head a close distance from his red Range Rover sport utility vehicle by two men on a motor bike, who sped off seconds after they committed the act of ending his freedom.

As is customary, curious onlookers began videotaping the body of Clarke lying in a pool of blood and posting it on social media less than a minute after the explosions rocked the community.

“There is a lot of things nobody know about me. Some a dem story you hear bout me inna England, ano so dem go, but me wi tell you man,” Clarke insisted to the Sunday Observer last week.

February 23 marked the anniversary of the death of another reputed drug lord, Lester Lloyd Coke, popularly known as “Jim Brown,” who was found suffocated in his cell at the General Penitentiary, now Tower Street Adult Correctional Centre in 1992, following a fire.

Coke was said to be the head of the notorious Shower Posse which ran a thriving drugs trade in the United States and was thought to be responsible for killing hundreds of people between the United States and Jamaica who opposed the organisation by showering them with bullets, hence the name ‘Shower Posse’.

Coke’s son, Christopher “Dudus”, is serving time in a United States prison having been convicted on drug trafficking and gun-running charges in 2010. He too was said to have led the ‘Shower Posse’ after his dad’s demise.

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