Jamaica: Pregnant woman beated by partner, sues for $1m compensation

(Jamaica Observer) A woman, seven months pregnant, who was reportedly attacked on a roadway and beaten by the father of her child, to the point where she urinated on herself, is requesting $1million in compensation.

The unemployed 23-year- old woman was reportedly assaulted when she went to collect money from the accused, Jadaen Baker, 30, a businessman of Moreton Park in Kingston 10.

According to the police, on May 6 about 3:30 pm, the complainant, following a phone conversation with Baker, went to visit him to collect money.

It was reported that while she was walking in Moreton Park, a car drove up behind her and stopped. The driver of the car then wound down one of the windows and she reportedly saw Baker, who beckoned to her to come inside.

The complainant went and sat in the front seat of the car and while there, was allegedly attacked by Baker who punched and hit her all over her body, causing excruciating pain.

The complainant, who managed to escape, then went to the Half-Way-Tree Police Station where she reported the matter and while there noticed that she had urinated on her-self during the alleged ordeal.

It is further reported that the expectant mother told police that Baker, while allegedly beating her, told her that she was trying to bring him down and that he had told her that she does not know who he is.

The injured complainant was subsequently taken to the Kingston Public Hospital where she was admitted for seven days.

When the matter was mentioned in the Kingston and St Andrew Court last Friday, the prosecutor told the court that the complainant was requesting $1 million to settle the case but Baker pleaded not guilty to assault occasioning bodily harm.

Attorney Sashanagaye Dennis who was holding for Baker’s lawyer, C J Mitchell, then asked for the matter to go to mediation and Parish Judge Vaughn Smith complied.

But the judged told the lawyer, “I hope for your client’s sake that this will be resolved because if this matter is tried and he is convicted, he won’t like it”.

Baker’s bail was then extended for him to return to court on June 20.

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