Jamaican man who fled Piarco Airport held at mall buying food

(Trinidad Express) Just under a week after he casually walked out of Piarco International Airport despite being denied entry into this country, 29-year-old O’Shane Bailey has been held.

Bailey, a Jamaican music engineer, was held at the Grand Bazaar shopping mall in Valsayn just after buying food yesterday.

Police from the Stolen Vehicles Unit led by Senior Supt Daniel, and including WPC Sambury and PC Stroude, were conducting enquiries in the area and had cause to go into Grand Bazaar at about 4 p.m.

While there, they observed a man who matched Bailey’s description, walking near Linda’s Bakery.

The man was challenged and the officers realised it was the missing 29-year-old Jamaican. He was immediately arrested and taken into custody.

Bailey, the Express was told, admitted his identity but nothing else, choosing to remain silent.

He also appeared to be in good health.

Bailey walked out of Piarco Airport on the night of May 31.

He had previously been denied entry to this country by Immigration, having arrived on a Caribbean Airlines flight from Jamaica.

He was placed on a waiting room and told he would be sent back home.

Sometime later, CCTV footage captured Bailey walking out of the waiting room and through the Duty Free Section.

He was seen joining the Customs line, where he was cleared by an officer.

CCTV cameras last captured Bailey walking through the car park of the compound.

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