Trinidad: Man gets 30 days jail for stealing panties, bras

(Trinidad Newsday) A PRINCES Town magistrate sentenced a 49-year-old man to 30 days in jail after he admitted to stealing five panties and other clothes from a woman.

Police arrested him on Saturday when they found the stolen items at his home at Iere Village, Princes Town. The owner, who lives at Williamsville, told police someone broke into her home and stole the panties, five bras, three vests and a top together valued $600.

PC Ramkissoon of the Princes Town Police Station laid the charge and Sgt Mohammed prosecuted.

When the man stood before the magistrate yesterday afternoon in Rio Claro, he pleaded guilty but did not say what he intended to do with the items.

Princes Town Magistrates’ Court is housed at the Rio Claro Magistrate’s Court on a shift system. This is because the magnitude 6.9 earthquake that struck TT on August 21 caused structural damage to the building in Princes Town. As of September 10, all matters are being heard in Rio Claro.

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