Trinidad: Man caught urinating on Red House fence by PoS Mayor

The Mayor’s photo

(Trinidad Express) Port of Spain Mayor Joel Martinez had a scolding for a man who he witnessed urinating against the Red House fence on Thursday morning.

The Mayor, speaking during a news conference at City Hall, said as he was on his way to work, he observed the man relieving himself against the fence of the Red House and he took a photo of the offending individual.

Martinez said he was irked by the act as a public toilet was situated just across the road.

“We want to discourage a gentleman like that from urinating against the Red House fence…and utilize the public convenience and all it would have taken was a few minutes for him to get to the washroom,” he said.

“But you see bad habits have crept into our society and what it did? People urinating anywhere. People dropping garbage anywhere.”

Martinez said Trinidadians have become “loose” when it comes to tidiness and cleanliness and this has contributed to the capital city of Port of Spain becoming “stink and dutty”.

“This is our city. We claim to be nationalists and all of that but you know what? We stink and dutty when we ready. Let us start tidying up the place.”

The Mayor also called on the Ministry of Social Development to address the issue of homeless people on the streets of Port of Spain.

“It is time that they deal with the homeless now because the city is being affected by it.”

Martinez said work is being done to upgrade and beautify the city, with plans to outfit public parks with Wi-Fi and security cameras as well as planting of trees along Broadway.

“We have to do something. We have to ensure that what we are doing is making a difference. We have started that process and we are ensuring that process is carried out.”

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