Trinidad: Killer returns after Sealots drive-by shooting, kills one more

Killed: Tracy Rogers

(Trinidad Express) After shooting six and killing one in Sealots, Port of Spain on Sunday night, a killer came back early today and killed another.

Police were told that at around 7.15a.m . Tracy Rogers was at her Pioneer Drive home when she heard her name being called.

Rogers stepped out her home and was gunned down by a man.

At about 8.10 p.m. Sunday, residents of Pioneer Drive, Sea Lots, were out on the roadway when a black Nissan X-Trail was seen being driven by.

Several shots were heard and the vehicle sped off.

Six people were shot.

Tracy Rogers

They were identified as Rawling Williams, 40; Trey Beard, 23; Rahim Bruce, 23; Patrick Lauric, Trevor Isaac and Shenelle Johnson.

They were taken to the Port of Spain General Hospital. Williams did not survive.

Police said community leader Cedric “Burkie” Burke was at the lime but was not injured.

At about the same time, near building 15 in Maloney Gardens, two women and a man were shot in a drive- by shooting incident.

Police said the three were seated in a vehicle when another car passed them. Gunshots were heard and the three were shot .

Their injuries were not life threatening.

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