Trinidad: Funeral for baby found in shallow grave, as mom released

The buried foetus was found near this house

(Trinidad Express) A funeral is being arranged for the foetus found in a shallow grave on Friday.

Police said the eight-month old baby is at a funeral home, and arrangements were being made for the final rites.

The funeral arrangements were being done by the family of a 32 year old woman whom police detained in connection with the find on Friday.

An autopsy done on Monday at the Forensic Sciences found that the foetus was still born, police said.

Foul play has been ruled out in the baby’s death, a senior police officer said, and the woman was released from police custody pending further inquiries.

Police said a psychiatric evaluation of the woman was expected to be done and added to the case file to be taken to the office of the Director of Public Prosecutions for instructions.

The woman, a mother of one, was kept in custody on Friday and Saturday as police investigate the offences of illegal disposal of a body and concealment of birth.

The foetus was found around 8 a.m. at Southern Main Road, Gonzales Village, Point Fortin.

On Wednesday the Express spoke to the manager of a funeral agency, who confirmed that the baby was being kept there.

The manager said it was being prepared for a funeral and that the baby’s family requested privacy about their arrangements for the last rites.

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