Trinidad: 258 arrested in Police Red Alert strike back

(Trinidad Express) Police have arrested over 258 persons in connection with various offences including gang activity, shootings, outstanding warrants and gun and narcotic possession.

Over 4,500 police officers across the nine police divisions have engaged in anti-crime exercises over the past 72 hours, conducting patrols, stop and searches and operations critical to treating with matters of crime and criminal activities across the country.

Commissioner of Police Gary Griffith has raised the Police Alert to ‘Red’ in light of an upsurge in criminal activity over the past few days. These exercises have resulted in the following:

  • Person Arrested: 258
  • Warrants Executed:187
  • Tickets Issued: 836
  • Stop and Searches: 2604
  • Patrols: 2553
  • Firearms and Ammunitions Seized: 9 Firearms and 93 rounds
  • Narcotics Seized: Marijuana 2422.91 grammes and Cocaine 22.4 grammes

In a statement on Friday afternoon, Griffith said the police will maintain its heightened state of alert to ensure law and order and address criminal activity.

Persons with information pertaining to serious crimes, especially gang activities are asked to text information to the Commissioner’s hotline 482- (GARY) 4279

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